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Improve Patient Outcomes, Operational Efficiency and Profitability in Healthcare Manufacturers

Decision Support for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face rising costs, long revenue cycles, bad debt, and charity write-offs. The public demands transparency and accountability. The healthcare industry is shifting to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), Pay for Performance (P4P), Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG) and Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHP). Capabilities are needed to quickly integrate and analyze business intelligence data across healthcare and hospital systems.

Healthcare providers can

Improve patient care with shorter wait times from synchronizing resource scheduling with patient flow models
Optimize revenue cycle management from reducing the time and cost to collect reimbursements
Improve patient safety from immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information, reducing opportunities for medical errors
Reduce healthcare operational costs from analyses of resource utilization, materials stocking levels, purchasing options, and supplier performance
Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by delivering on key operational, patient safety, and quality of care metrics

Drive Medical Device and Diagnostic Success to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Link between Information and Innovation

Medical device manufacturers win on innovation, not price. The QlikView Business Discovery platform makes it easier to uncover and capture the insights that drive innovation through clear, integrated views of information from disparate data sources.

Medical device companies can

Use deep analytics to assess new business opportunities and risks
Reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and product approvals
Increase Solutions and supply chain efficiency
Improve targeting of healthcare providers and caregivers who purchase and recommend products
Secure reimbursements with data-backed product effectiveness analysis

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Rapid, Powerful Analytics Ensures Successful Outcomes

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies run on data. Data are the cornerstone of your business and determiners of success or failure. It's time to exploit your data more effectively. The right analytics can play a critical role in meeting strategic business objectives, being fully compliant, hitting clinical milestones, and achieving superior revenue and profit results. Achieving first-to-market success can't wait for expensive IT projects to link business processes in order to get the right answers.

Pharmaceutical companies can

Improve visibility into physician influencers and KOLs
Transform sales operations
Execute more effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics
Accelerate clinical development and monetization of new therapeutics
Streamline product approvals and improve regulatory oversight
Reduce operational costs and streamline processes
Increase pharmacovigilance and mitigate risks

Transforming Information Delivery for Over 85 NHS Trusts

Clinical Solutions

QlikView substantially aids clinicians and managers with their day-to-day tasks by providing reliable, up-to-date information on a range of metrics. Drawing information from disparate sources and presenting it on-screen for real-time analysis, QlikView applications allow users to drill down to individual patient level for a clear and detailed view of performance. The multi-layered security model allows access to be restricted by rank, role or department, maintaining absolute patient data confidentiality while ensuring that everyone has access to the information that supports their function.

The result?.. Patterns and trends can be seen at a glance. Problems can be flagged early. QlikView compels users to take action by arming them with the facts. Trusts like Cambridge University Hospitals, Newham University Hospital and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital are all benefiting from improved clinical reporting and dashboards thanks to QlikView.

Example clinical applications include:

18-Week Wait Time Analysis
Resource Planning
A&E Performance Monitoring
Theatre Management
Patient Pathway Tracking

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