Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution

Businesses throughout this sector are navigating within unprecedented volatility, forcing a delicate balancing act. They are operating in increasingly fragmented markets with expanded global competitors. Responding to changing customer demands with fewer available resources. Protecting already thin margins against high fixed costs. As for the innovators, they are exploiting new opportunities for growth with the power of new insights.

Consumer Products

Retail & Wholesale Distribution

Transportation & Logistics

Consumer Products

Empower the consumer-driven value chain across your organization

Consumer Products companies are operating increasingly complex global supply and distribution networks. Close collaboration is required among product developers and manufacturers, retailers and consumers to gain real time visibility into business conditions. Profitability depends on the ability to deliver detailed and on-demand analysis into every aspect of the enterprise to enable optimal decision-making by everyone across the consumer value chain.

Leading consumer products companies worldwide can

Segment markets, competition and customers to understand and deliver maximum profit by category and brand
Exert greater discipline in promotion management to drive informed pricing, optimize sell through, and achieve greater profit
Integrate retailer sales data with sell-through information to identify demand changes and their impact through the supply chain
Reduce operational costs from analyses of material use and stocking levels, purchasing and production options, and supplier performance
Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by enabling drill-down visibility into quality assurance, product safety, and recall measures

Retail & Wholesale Distribution

Transparency to Capture Improved Performance

The retail and wholesale industries have never been more fragmented – or fractured – than they are today. From discount warehouse clubs to upscale specialty stores, corner convenience chains to mega e-commerce sites, buyers are better informed, less loyal, and highly cautious about discretionary spending. Organizations are striving to balance product, price and service sensitivities, while protecting margins; to ensure inventory availability while maintaining reduced carrying costs; and to deliver favorable omni-channel experiences, while streamlining daily operations at all levels of the enterprise. Now more than ever information must be leveraged in new ways to gain competitive advantage and renew stability in these uncertain times.

Leading retail and wholesale companies worldwide can

Optimize operations, improve service levels, and streamline IT
Detect and prevent fraud and to help manage risk within organizations
Control pricing and profitability to improve top- and bottom-line financial performance
Align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most profitable customer relationships
Enable increased productivity by customer, channel, location, and associate by analyzing and reacting to performance patterns and trends
Manage inventory, reduce transportation costs, and increase collaboration with customers, merchants, marketing, and suppliers
Reduce costs and increase effectiveness of the supply chain by aligning order, production, and delivery schedules to consumer demand

Transportation and Logistics

Visibility Leads to More Responsive and Agile Operations

While the developing global economy offers enormous growth potential for the freight and logistics industry players, it also brings more intricate supply chains, higher costs and tighter regulatory demands. For these organizations to achieve maximum profitability collaboration with a number of trading partners in various parts of the world, ranging from suppliers, carriers, and government agencies must be enabled.

The cornerstone of agile operations requires visibility-both of inventories in transit, as well as any market events which will impact on-time delivery. When this information is visible inside and outside the enterprise, unexpected events can be rapidly assessed and risk mitigation plans can be quickly developed and implemented. Increasing the visibility of two-way information and enabling collaboration between suppliers and carriers enables companies to achieve service goals across the logistics and transportation network in spite of market events that are impossible to control.

Leading transport and logistics companies can

Streamline safety, traceability and compliance reporting with drill-down detail to documentation
Improve profitability with in-depth analysis of service and network portfolio across customers, suppliers and every step in the logistics chain
Track supplier performance against service level agreements to identify opportunities, negotiate intelligently, and tier contracts based on results
Analyze loads, routes, carriers, tendering, bookings, customs filings, freight audit and payment on a by-order basis to reduce cost variables
Improve cash flow and gain operational efficiencies by enabling streamlined business discovery across all enterprise functions

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